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Lifer’s Motion Dismissed by Yerevan Court

The first instance court of Yerevan’s Erebuni and Nubarashen administrative districts rejected Wednesday a motion filed by Nubarashen jail prisoner Artur Mkrtchayn who was sentenced 20 years ago to life in prison after being found guilty of murdering 5 fellow serviceman during military service.

The life convict was appealing against two administrative reprimands that had been imposed on him for possession of a mobile phone in prison and because of which the penal institution has been refusing for five years to consider his applications for parole. 

In his final speech, Mkrtchyan said that a just resolution of the issue was more important to him than his release. “I’m sick and tired of injustice; I want this issue to be justly resolved because I find it absurd that a person can be deprived of a chance for parole simply for keeping in touch with his family. It’s not just for me; in three months the reprimand will no longer be valid, and I’ll be able to apply for parole, but the phenomenon itself is simply wrong,” the lifer said.

In an interview with Epress.am, Mkrtchyan’s lawyer, Robert Revazyan, talked about their intention to appeal the court decision, claiming that the court should have at least found the first reprimand invalid due to it having been issued “illegally.”