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Expectations from Today’s HAK Rally: Word on the Ground

Ahead of the Armenian National Congress rally this evening, Epress.am spoke with a few pensioners who had come to Liberty Square in Yerevan and who shared with us their expectations of today’s opposition rally.

“What should I expect? The usual: there won’t be a fight, there won’t be anything. They’re going to inspire the people again so that we see what will happen next,” said resident of Yerevan’s Shahumyan district, pensioner Vardan.

According to him, progress is clear. “If there wasn’t [any progress], what would we do here? I’ve always come and I will continue to come to the rallies.”

“Whatever they give [us] that’s what I’ll believe,” said another pensioner, Edik, while Mrs. Kima said she comes to the rallies because she wants “there to be one good thing, for it to be very good for us.” She also noted that she has always come and will continue to come to rallies.

“Until the speeches begin, we can’t say what will happen,” two pensioners said simultaneously.

Note, currentl, the flow of people coming to Liberty Square continues. There are about a dozen police officers and other law enforcement officials in the area adjacent to the square. Witnesses say that there are armoured vehicles parked near the National Assembly building, from the Demirchyan street side.