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Former Syunik Governor Ex-Governor Prosecuted

Khachatrian, who is better known to the public as “Liska,” was first appointed as governor of Syunik in 2004 by then President Kocharian. Khachatrian’s son Tigran and one of the bodyguards were arrested and charged with murder...
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“Armenians” Attack Artists

The open-air performance held near Yerevan's Republic Metro Station as part of the "HuZANQ u ZANG" performing art project was "attended" by disrupters fighting against...
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Osipyan to Account for August 19 or Resign 

Those gathered were prevented by heavy police forces to use the public space on the pavement of the Presidential Residence and were forced to stand across the street, a practice emulating the authoritarian times.
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The Yezidi Community Threatened 

The Yezidis were also annoyed that the new land owner was constantly hinting on the fact that the locals were an ethnic minority. According to them, he was saying that it was his motherland, that he was an Armenian...
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