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The Armenian army continues to take lives without war

In 2022, at least 50 cases of servicemens’ deaths (in non-combat conditions) were registered in the Armed Forces of Armenia and the Karabakh Defense Army, writes the Vanadzor office of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly. According to the official versions, the causes of death are as follows: Health issues; 17 cases …
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Soldier Dies from Sniper Gun Shot

Mikayelyan was shot by the adversary sniper during his duty at the military post in the North-Eastern part of Armenia. "Ministry of Defense expresses its deep condolences and support to the family․․․
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Soldier Murdered by a Fellow in NK 

Armenia's Investigative Committee reports that 20-year-old conscript , Henrik Aramyan on duty in NK received a gunshot in his head on May 19, 2020 incompatible with life.․․
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