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Lawsuit Against the Minister of Nature Protection

The Ministry did not react in a due manner, therefore 19 community members, as represented by their attorney Nazeli Vardanyan, lodged a suit with the Administrative Court of Armenia against Minister of Nature Protection Erik Grigoryan...Read More »

Strongly Acidic Stream Flows from Amulsar

Sulfates exceeded the norm 2,2 times amounting to 36,4 mg/l against 16,4. Of the heavy metals, availability of cadmium exceeded the norm 1,4 times amounting to 1,4 mcg/l , of copper - 4,4 times amounting...Read More »

Amulsar Came to Yerevan

The protesters had brought green and red balloons: the red ones carried mining company-led myths on them, while the green balloons carried messages the environmentalists wish to bring to life. Those present were popping the red balloons...Read More »