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Free Market Will Take Place In Yerevan On November 12

Do you need stuff and is the capitalist machine trying to persuade you to buy stuff, spend money and consume? No need to hurry to shops and markets. We are sure that someone already has the stuff you need and is looking forward to giving it to you. You will have an opportunity for finding each other at the Really Really Free Market, 12 November , 15:00-20:00 at Tun Tegh (Mashtoc avenue 5/4).

You might also be someone who has some stuff at home which you haven’t used for several years already. The stuff is nice and useful but you don’t really need it, nor you want to throw it away. So bring it to the Really Really Free Market and leave it with similar things at the market.

Really Really Free Market is a space where one can find and take things you need absolutely for free, and/or you can leave things which you do not need any longer. In the meanwhile, this is not simply a place of bringing and taking stuff. It creates a space where people can exchange experiences, spend good time together, have tea or coffee and discuss how to overcome the consumerist system which leads to financial crisis and exploitation of people and nature.

If you have nothing to bring to the Really Really Free Market that’s not a problem at all; we do not exchange stuff here; feel free to take anything you need.

Last but not least, please, respect a few “principles” in order to facilitate the process:

• If you think that your stuff is not useful, throw it to the garbage, don’t overwhelm others;
• If your stuff has defects, write them on a piece of paper and attach the paper to the relevant item. It’s nice to know what you are taking!
• If there is another person who wants to take the same thing you like, you have several options: discuss and find out who needs it more, throw a coin, play paper-scissor-stone, hand it over

If you have questions, you can call Ani 093 402849, Luna 077 244 54