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Free Market Will Take Place In Yerevan On December 22

The New Year holidays are almost here, which means the “shopping machine” will continue to persuade us to buy more, spend money and consume. The capitalist system will not back down voluntarily. It will continue convincing us it will make our lives easier and happier if we keep investing in it by consuming the “goods” that were made by exploiting us to begin with. Each and every NEW stuff that you purchase causes emission of greenhouse gases, pollution of water, soil and air during its production and transportation, and exacerbates the Climate Crisis even more.

Do you still need some stuff? But why fall into the clutches of capitalist machine if someone already has the things you need and they are looking forward to passing them on to you. Do you also have useful things you haven’t used in a while and you think you don’t need them anymore? You will have the opportunity to find each other at the Really Really Free Market, which will take place on

December 22,
from 16:00-18:30,
Yerevan, 5 Spendiaryan str., apt. 24.

So, Free Market is a place where you can find and get free stuff you need and/or leave things you no longer need. At the same time, Free Market is not just about taking and sharing stuff. It creates an environment where we can share not only things but also the experience of having a good time over a cup of tea and discussing how the consumer system destroys the environment, causes economic crises and exploits people and nature.

Nature needs you to be conscious more than ever. By searching for and acquiring used things, you are stepping into a safer future on the only planet which hosts us with so much love and care.

Last but not least, please, respect a few “PRINCIPLES” in order to facilitate the process:
– We remind you that Free Market is not a charity event, nor is it a place to get rid of old stuff and replace them with new stuff contributing to consumer chain even more.
– Don’t bring too many items, and if you bring them wait till the end of the market, to take home the ones no one has taken.
– Try to stay in the Market for as long as possible, try to chat and connect with people, exchange the experience you had with the things you brought, not just drop things off and go.
– If your item is defective, point out its defects on the paper and post on it: It’s always nice to know what you’re getting.
– If someone else wants to take the same thing you liked, you can try: discuss who needs/will use it more, flip a coin, play “Rock paper, scissors”, hand it over 🙂

Armenian Environmental Front