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Republican Party MP Threatens “Those Who Cannot Behave”: Did the MP’s Driver Attack Aram Manukyan

41-year old Arshak Svazyan, who had been taken into custody with suspicion for the attack on Armenian National Congress party secretary Aram Manukyan on December 11th, was released on a pledge not to flee, Investigative Committee's Public Relations head Sona Truzyan told Epress.am. She stated that the Svazyan is considered a suspect in the case and is already being investigated. The suspect has been taken to the place of the incident, where he explained how he ambushed and attacked the MP. According to Truzyan, Svazyan also told what clothes he was wearing the day of the attack.

According to ilur.am's sources, Svazyan is one of Republican Party MP Arakel Movsisyan’s (aka Shmice) drivers.

“According to the first information we obtained, Svazyan was a driver of one of Shmice’s cars, however he was not registered as a driver officially. Note, that a criminal case has previously been initiated on Svazyan in connection with smuggling gemstones,” writes the website.

Arakel Movsisyan (pictured) told Slaq.am that he has never had a driver with the first and last name of Arshak Svazyan. According to the website, Arshak Svazyan is a resident of the village of Tatul in Aragatsotn province.

“They could take a 100 people into custody for suspicion, what’s the issue here. Generally, he (Svazyan) has had no connection to such things before, he spends his time doing his work,” said Tatul village head Albert Haroyan when speaking to Slaq.am.

According to News.am’s sources, “Arshak said that he just gave a “patriotic slap” to Aram Manukyan; he initially found out the MP's location, ambushed and punched him.”

Note, just a few hours before the information about Svazyan’s detainment spread, News.am spoke to Arakel Movsisyan about the attacks against veterans during the past week. “There is no force behind these incidents. Whoever does anything wrong, they will get what theu deserve regardless of them being a veteran, ordinary citizen, or an official. To those who cannot behave themselves, we can calm them down,” threatened Arakel Movsisyan.