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Woman Fighting for Return of Her Child Protests In Front of Prosecutor’s Office

Citizen Narine Nikoghosyan, who is fighting to receive her child back, is dissatisfied with the investigator’s work. According to the woman, the investigator has not properly conducted the appeal process. Today, near the General Prosecutor’s office, Nikoghosyan and representatives of NGOs who deal with women’s rights were demanding a pluralistic investigation in the latter case.

Recall, that Narine Nikoghosyan claims that citizen Edison Adyan took advantage of her helpless situation, made her sign documents confirming that he was the father, and kidnapped her new born baby; currently, Adyan refuses to return the 1 ½ year old child back to the mother.

The protest participants claimed that the Prosecutor's office has not properly conducted the appeal process, subsequently, the investigator closed the case due to lack of criminal intent. Nikoghosyan, while speaking to Epress.am, said that the investigator has spoken to the actual biological father of the child, however his testimony has not been taken into account; in addition, the decision to conduct a DNA test has been disregarded. Nikoghosyan also stated that the investigator has not taken any step to find out the type of relations there were between the two sides, has not questioned doctor Hrach Kalustyan, who, according to Nikoghosyan, had introduced her to Adyan.

The protest participants held placards that read: “Don’t leave children with criminals,” “Don’t cover up the truth,” “We demand a DNA test,” and “Return the child’s childhood.”

In order to raise the issue, the protest participants asked to meet any competent staff member of the Prosecutor’s office. The police supervising the building responded to them, stating that they had to submit a written petition. The protesters claimed that their demand for a meeting was urgent because the next hearing of the case was set on March 4th. Finally, Nikoghosyan and her lawyer were invited in. A prosecutor's office representative promised the plaintiff's side that they would look further into the case and her complaints.