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“Armenian Women’s Front” Calls for the Release of Political Prisoners (VIDEO)

“Armenian Women's Front” civil initiative organized a protest action in front of the RA Presidential Palace on Wednesday, April 15, demanding the release of the convicted members of “Founding Parliament” opposition movement, “Noyan Tapan” news agency reported. 

The women in front of the Presidential Palace held posters with the pictures of the arrested oppositionists. One of the placards read: “Women Against Dictatorship: Release the political prisoners, Dictator! We will not back down, we will attack!”

At the start of the action the protesting women stood in front of the gates of the President's office, while police officers tried to remove them by force. The demonstrators, however, managed to stand their ground remaining in front of the residence with placards in hands. The entire time law enforcement officers urged the women not to approach the gates of the Presidential office, cross the street and continue their protest action on the оpposite sidewalk. 

The protesters eventually gave in, crossed the Baghramyam Avenue, stood on the carriageway for a while with posters in hands, before going down the gates of the National Assembly building and continuing their protest action there. 

The representatives of “Armenian Women's Front” said that the protest actions would be ongoing, that they would “appear everywhere” and inform everyone of the arrests taking place in Armenia for as long as the government does not meet their demands.

Recall, members of “Founding Parliament” opposition movement were detained on April 7, and charged with organization of mass disorder (RA Criminal Code Article 225 Section 1) on April 9. They were sentenced to a two-month imprisonment. 

Video source – Noyan Tapan