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September, 2019

  • 13 September

    Urgent and Spontaneous. March for Amulsar 

    - On September 20th, we are joining the global environmental action that will take place all over the world and in Armenia, under the umbrella of environmental protection, it will thousands of people to the streets specifically for Amulsar.

  • 11 September

    Azerbaijan Has Oil, We have Culture

    Another favorite argument of the Georgians and Armenians is: "We have an alphabet." And what have your written with that alphabet of yours except for translation of the Bible? What kind of a philosophical stream have you․․․

  • 11 September

    The call to open roads to Lydian hints at the use of state violence

    The Armenian Environmental Front (AEF) civil initiative joined by hundreds of signatories, has issued a statement in response to September 9 statement on Amulsar by Nikol Pashinyan...

  • 10 September

    Not All Fellow Party Members Share Pashinyan’s Optimism on the Mine 

    - It is hard for me to believe that I've read that same report that was read by the Investigative Committee which concluded that the risks are manageable. While reading the report I had the feeling I always had․․․