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Armenia’s Prime Minister Accused of Deception by Diaspora Armenian Businessman

The management of the EU-Asia Business Finance Center Holding has responded to Armenian prime minister Karen Karapetyan’s yesterday’s post to his Facebook page calling on the Diaspora Armenians to “participate in the building of the motherland’s future.”

In a statement issued on Thursday, Ashot Grigoryan, the head of the Armenian community of Slovakia and the chairman of the EU-ASIA Business Finance Centre Holding, reminded the prime minister that his Holding “has already undertaken such a patriotic initiative in November 2016. However, not only did we not receive any support from Karapetyan’s government, but they also did everything in their power to make sure that this global and patriotic project failed.”

The statement refers to the offer made to Armenia’s government by a delegation of Slovak businessmen and state officials over the complete relaunch of production facilities in Yerevan’s idling Nairit rubber plant. Ashot Grigoryan had personally visited Armenia last November to present the project to Armenian officials, but the government has yet to respond to the offer.

“Despite the fact that we had presented you with a huge and unprecedented plan, you announced immediately after the visit that the EU-Asia Business Finance Center Holding had not made any offers to Armenia’s government, otherwise it would have been discussed. After that, the Nairit relaunch project was yet again sent to your government, but suddenly and in a very strange way, Nairit’s bankruptcy process began at an accelerated pace, and on November 28 the plant was declared bankrupt, which marked the beginning of the plan to ‘liquidate’ Nairit.

“[…] For the EU-Asia Business Finance Center Holding, this is a glaring example of deception, which allows us to turn to our compatriots in the Diaspora and to declare that Armenia’s current prime minister is spreading misinformation and trying to create a personal image of a citizen concerned about the country’s economic recovery. But he is only keeping up appearance, and the actual picture is quite different; this is a very well-organized show, and the prime minister, to cite the [Armenian] president, is a showman,” the statement reads.