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Georgia’s New Constitution to Curb President’s Powers

According to a new draft of Georgia’s Constitution, the country’s president will no longer have the right to nominate candidates for ministers to parliament, said Speaker of Georgian Parliament David Bakradze to journalists. 

“According to the new Constitution, candidates for ministers will be nominated by the candidate for prime minister. So, the president is distinguished from the formation of parliament, as well as from the appointment of ministers,” said Bakradze.

The new Constitution is currently a  matter of national discussion in Georgia; most likely, the parliament will approve it in early September, reports Georgia Online. 

The new Constitution stipulates that the Georgian president cannot be someone who has lived in Georgia for less than 3 years. Someone who is at least 35 years of age and has lived in Georgia for at least 15 years can run for presidency. 

However, those who hold dual citizenship cannot fill the posts of president, speaker of parliament or prime minister.