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Accusations of ‘Submission’: Hovhannisyan Responds to Bisharyan

Heghine Bisharyan’s response needs no comment whatsoever, everything is said in writing. 

Upon a request by Epress.am, Union of Political Analysts Hmayak Hovhannisyan commented on Rule of Law political party member Heghine Bisharyan’s response letter.

“Oh that [political] party, in which, among which is one who has such a vocabulary,” he said.

He also added that soul-chasing, people-hunting began in the city of Yerevan in the appearance of Rule of Law offices.

“I hope that the people who have been tricked more than once won’t be fooled again,” said the political analyst.

Recall that at a press conference days earlier, Hovhannisyan had said, “Artur Baghdasaryan became submissive [to the ruling authorities],” after which Bisharyan issued a corresponding response, advising Hovhannisyan to pray before becoming submissive himself.