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Assassination Attempt on Abkhazia’s Vice-President

An assassination attempt on Abkhazia Vice-President Alexander Ankvab took place at 3 am yesterday morning. Authorities point to political motives, but property redistribution is not unlikely. 

It’s a miracle Ankvab survived: a grenade was launched on his house in the middle of the night; it entered through the window of the room in which he slept, reports Interfax news agency.

According to Ankvab, he received wounds in the leg and arm. He was immediately taken to hospital. Later, Abkhazia President Sergei Baghapsh said that Ankvab’s life was not in danger.

This is the fourth reported assassination attempt in five years, reports RIA Novosti. 

Abkhazia declared independence from Georgia in 1991, but Tbilisi continues to regard it as a breakaway region. 

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