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Why the Price of Eggs in Armenia Cannot Increase by 40%: Armenia’s Former PM

Armenia’s National Statistical Service (NSS) made a blatant lie, saying that 700 million eggs were produced and that Armenia’s population decreased by 100,000 last year, said former Armenian prime minister Hrant Bagratyan at a press conference in Yerevan today.

“I invite Armenia’s statistical department, beginning with [the country’s] prime minister, to my place for a lecture on micro-economy: having these figures, what does the curve mean. When the population drops, egg production increases to 700 million from 500 million, the actual price of eggs cannot increase by 40% of the annual average,” he said.

Bagratyan said eggs are not an “elastic product,” then asked whether Armenia’s prime minister knows what an elastic product is: “I explain this to my students. I can also tolerate [NSS President] Stepan Mnatsakanyan in the classroom, so they don’t supply us with such lies.”

In Armenia, said Bagratyan, 500–550 million eggs were always produced, 400–420 million of which were large eggs and 130 million were small, so-called household eggs, which were more expensive.

“As a result of a clash among oligarchs, because he who was the biggest began to reduce the price [of eggs], in order to put the others out of business, forcing them to sell their manufacturing plants to him cheaply, during that time, the small [egg producers] were killed,” he concluded.

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