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Protesting Street Vendors Advised to Submit their Complaints in Writing

Those gathered in front of the RA president’s residence to protest the ban on street trade are being asked to put their complaints in writing and submit them to the Control Service of the Armenian president, Heghine Poghosyan told Epress.am. Poghosyan was one of the four demonstrators who was asked to come inside and raise their complaints with a member of the presidential staff.

She said they spoke with the staff of the Control Service of the President of the Republic of Armenia.

“They heard us, I said, they’re building so many dolphinariums and exotic establishments, what do we need those for? If our children aren’t going to make use of [these entertainment venues], we’re hungry. They were listening to us, to some extent they agreed with us, they said go, do your trade in the yards [of residential buildings]; I said, they don’t allow us in the yards either, they were gathering and taking [us] away. They were surprised by what we said,” she summed up, adding they were advised to submit an appeal to the president.

Protesting street vendors are thus preparing a written appeal and gathering signatures to submit to the RA President’s Control Service.

“We don’t have much hope, we are going to continue our fight, we’re going to hold demonstrations, see, now we’re going to join the protestors in front of the government building. We’ve given so many appeals, let’s see, will anything come of it?” said the protestors.