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911 and 112 Emergency Numbers to be Operational in Armenia This Year

In Armenia this year it will be possible to dial 911 (American, Canadian) and 112 (European) emergency numbers, the service of which will be better quality than the other numbers currently operating: 001, 002, 003 and 004, said RA Minister of Emergency Situations Armen Yeritsyan at a press conference in Yerevan today.

“The old service [numbers] will remain, but we have to do it so when people call 911, we can provide a better service. And those other services, if they feel that they’re extra, they’ll no longer exist. But we’re not saying, this one will be, the other, won’t,” he said.

He considered the creation of a national platform to reduce the risk of disasters the most important unresolved issue in 2010 and among the priority issues for 2011.

According to Yeritsyan, 168 countries worldwide, including Armenia, signed on to an appropriate action plan.

“Out of 168, 50 have a national platform, and in the region, I can say proudly, we are the first,” he said.

The emergency situations minister added, in 2010, Yerevan became equipped with 28 Suzuki model fire trucks. The ministry is in talks with Japanese partners also to equip Armenia’s regions (outside of Yerevan) with these vehicles.

“We can say, that with this move, Armenia moved one step forward,” he said.