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Armenian-Azerbaijani War Invented by Soviet Intellectuals: Vanyan

A benefit for the Minsk process in settling the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict was organized in 2010, played were all the now traditional methods of replacing the settlement process: the animosity reached its climax on the propaganda front, geopolitical speculations culminated in the “Turkish front,” and the breath of an impending war reached its “X” hour at the OSCE summit, and all this under the chorus of the importance of the Minsk Group format, said human rights activist Georgy Vanyan in an interview with News.az.

Commenting on the reinstatement of the PACE Sub-Committee on Nagorno-Karabakh, Vanyan noted that just as with PACE, no platform of the international community has ever served and now does not serve to try and find a way out of the deadlock and prevent bloodshed. “It is the same household here, at the level of delegations’ altercations. The only difference is the delegates’ security  and material well-being are ensured.”

Speaking of the options for conflict resolution, Vanyan said the false alternative of territorial integrity and the right to self-determination, which was invented by the Soviet intelligentsia, still maintains its status as a political issue.

“But this is not a political issue, it’s an ideology, the central tenet of which is Armenians and Azeris cannot live amicably and the only thing keeping them back from war and complete destruction is the Kremlin’s steady hand and saving fist, which is called mediation in the language of self-delusion. The death of this ideology will open the path to resolving this conflict,” he concluded.

Photo: Khachkar.ru