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Taekwondo + Music = Sports & Cultural Events at Liberty Square

Students from the No. 33 elementary school in Yerevan were “performing” Taekwondo moves on the stage set up in Liberty Square yesterday as part of the sports and cultural events organized by Yerevan City Hall — such events being the reason cited by the municipality as to why the opposition cannot hold rallies at Liberty Square.

The students were showing various moves and at one point, one of the students fell from the stage and hurt his hand. Police approached the student and asked whether emergency services had to be called, but the student and his trainer declined.

According to witnesses, a middle-aged man approached the trainer and urged him to be more attentive toward the kids.

“Create decent conditions for us and there won’t be such incidents,” responded the trainer.

During the outdoor performances, about 50 people were gathered near the stage. It can be assumed that they were mainly the friends and family members of those performing.

Coming on to the stage after the young Taekwondo students were students from the Tigran Chukhajyan music school, after which the number of audience members dwindled.