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War is the Most Valid Option for Resolving Karabakh Conflict, Believes Expert

Currently there’s a status quo in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. The territory is controlled by Armenians. They are armed and consider the land theirs, not wanting to leave the “occupied territories.” Armenia’s political and military leadership come from Karabakh. Imagine a situation in which today’s Armenian political elite drastically changes its position in the Karabakh issue, or in the coming years, there will be a leadership in Armenia that has no connection with Karabakh — it’s almost unreal, said Russian expert on post-Soviet states Vitaly Tretyakov (pictured) in an interview with Day.az.

The conflict, according to him, is well known in the world and is in the focus of interest for several regional powers, the world’s great powers and the EU. “For this reason, Azerbaijan is not able to launch military operations if it doesn’t receive approval and support. Can Azerbaijan today receive such support? Russia today doesn’t need war. After all, in Moscow they understand that inevitably they will be drawn into the conflict. It’s also difficult to assume that the US will give approval.”

Vitaly Tretyakov

The most unpleasant but historically valid option to resolving this issue, believes Tertyakov, is war. “It’s cynical, cruel, disgusting, but it is a solution, after which for a few years, if not forever, will cease to be as such. But even this cynical approach to date is unrealistic.

“If it could be assumed at one time that Karabakh is located somewhere on Europe’s periphery, and that which is happening there no one will see or know, well now everything’s changed. There are global players that will put pressure on the conflicting parties, they will intervene; that is, at best, they will be able to separate the conflicting parties, but this does not solve the problem. That is, these countries will not allow the parties to resolve the problem themselves.”