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Amnesty Could Lead to Certain ‘Exacerbation’: Police Chief

Armenian Police Chief Alik Sargsyan anticipates a certain “aggravation” related to the release of criminals from prison under the general amnesty declared by Armenian authorities last week.

Asked by RFE/RL’s Armenian service whether the amnesty won’t lead to the growth of crime, the police chief said, “I think that a certain exacerbation will happen. Each time after an amnesty, this process occurred, but we’ve brought out the entire force… everyone will be supervised.”

Alik Sargsyan reassured that the matter would be resolved in 1–2 months and those convicted “who don’t make the appropriate conclusion after being released definitely will return to their former places.”

The police chief, however, stressed that the police is not preparing to take any preemptive action with respect to those released, nor subject them to pressure. “We accept them as our ordinary citizens; let them live in peace.”

Around 400 people are said to be released under the general amnesty.