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Extreme Lying Down, Planking Craze Comes to Armenia (PHOTOS)

Planking (also known as the lying down game) has come to Armenia. The Armenian Planking Federation has created a Facebook page where anyone can post photos of them lying face down in unusual locations, and, as per the description on the Facebook page, “in the most idiotic and uncomfortable place[s].”

Residents of Armenia who want to play have to first lie face down, hands at their sides (think flat like a plank), and have their photo taken. They can then either upload the photo on the Armenian Planking Federation page or post it on their own wall and tag the group. According to those behind the group, “The most important rule is to give a unique name to the photo.”

Organizers, however, caution players not to put themselves in dangerous situations. “The Federation doesn’t bear responsibility for your life. Don’t endanger your life by planking in an original way,” reads the caution note on the Facebook page.

Though past media reports have indicated that the location where players “plank” should be as public as possible and as many people as possible should be involved, the photos uploaded by Armenia players show most players planking at home. There are, however, a few unique shots, with one guy appearing to be planking in mid-air as he leans on the wall and bannister in a building stairwell (main photo above).

The term “planking” actually seems to originate from Australia. Elsewhere, it’s also known as “playing dead” (South Korea), à plat ventre (“on one’s belly” in France), “extreme lying down” (Australasia) and “facedowns” (US and Ireland).

Photos from Armenian Planking Federation Facebook page.