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Authorities and Opposition Delegations for Dialogue Won’t be Making Decisions: Debate

The delegations formed for the dialogue between the authorities and the opposition are simply working groups; they won’t be making any decisions, said Prosperous Armenia party representative Vardan Bostanjyan, speaking to journalists in Yerevan today.

“It is through hearings and discussions that we have to understand what is vulnerable in our country and as a result, we will inform those higher-up that this is the situation,” he said.

Armenian National Congress (HAK) representative, People’s Party of Armenia (not to be confused with the People’s Party) board secretary Felix Khachatryan agreed that their delegations won’t be making decisions, but the link with the governing bodies has to be so efficient and practical that issues can be resolved on the spot.

“We have to be in direct communication with our leadership and give answers, solutions and a process on the spot,” said Khachatryan.

The HAK representative’s observation that HAK is ready to dialogue with the authorities only around the subject of pre-term elections, Bostanjyan said, for him, is odd.

“Move toward pre-term elections, the authorities, it seems, don’t want to talk about or listen to this now, but who’s bothering you to move toward pre-term elections? You’ve come; you want pre-term elections from the authorities? This isn’t the classical way [of doing things],” he said.

According to Bostanjyan, due to certain absentees, members of the ruling authorities’ delegation haven’t yet met.

“We, those 6 people, haven’t been able to meet, Minasyan and Harutyunyan, in particular, are out of the country. We’ll all sit down together, but we’re not creators; we’ll listen to the agenda in our parties or in our coalition,” he said.