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Police Free Girl Held Hostage by Father in Sydney Bomb Scare (PHOTOS)

Australian police have raided the legal office occupied by a father holding his daughter hostage and claiming to be carrying a bomb.


Police stormed into the building in Panrramatta, an outer Sydney suburb, shortly after 8pm armed with a battering ram, chainsaw and axe.


They walked out at 8:10pm with the girl but the man was still inside, the Herald Sun reports.


The girl was heard screaming as she was removed from the building and could be heard asking frantically: “Where’s my dad, where’s my dad?”


She was then reunited with family members and loaded onto a stretcher and into an ambulance.


“While distressed she is otherwise believed to be uninjured,” NSW Police said in a statement.


The 52-year-old father was later arrested and taken into custody, police at the scene said, ending an 11-hour ordeal.


He had dropped a note out the window about an hour before his arrest, but police would not reveal it contents.


Police had been negotiating with the man to release his daughter from the second floor of a legal office in George Street, Parramatta.


Assistant Commissioner Dennis Clifford said the man was aged in his 50s and the girl was aged in her early teens.


It was believed she is about 12.


Police described the situation as very delicate and dangerous and declined to give details on the man’s motive or say whether he was in fact carrying a bomb, Reuters reported earlier.