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Armenian Authorities Don’t Grasp the Current Situation: Zurabyan

No one in Armenia is under the illusion that Armenia’s authorities are ready for any concessions, though they were to have made a decision in September on the matter of early elections, said senior HAK (Armenian National Congress) representative Levon Zurabyan, speaking to journalists in the Armenian capital today.

According to him, the authorities were prepared to make concessions under the influence of HAK’s powerful rallies in the spring and at the time, there were quite serious concessions; however, they have now stopped mid-way and are no longer conceding.

In Zurabyan’s opinion, the authorities consider that the tension has eased and there is no need for further concessions.

“They don’t consider that the tension eased for that very reason, that the people are waiting for their demands to be met through the dialogue. That is the reason that we as the opposition tried to bring the people’s voice to the authorities, but today we are forced to conclude that the authorities, sober, do not grasp the situation. Therefore, the time has come today when the people again have to get into the game, and get its voice to the authorities in a completely direct manner: through large crowds at rallies, determination and concrete action,” he said.

The opposition representative also urged people to attend the Sept. 30 rally which “again has to operate as a people’s self-governing forum and make decisions, adopting a clear plan for their future actions.”