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Armenian President at PACE: ‘I Do Not Gamble in Casinos’

"Have you recently been in a casino in Europe […]and have you lost 70 million euros? Who gave you the money you lost?" asked Armenian delegation member, Heritage Party MP Zaruhi Postanjyan to Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan following his speech at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE)  in Strasbourg. She added that Sargsyan stole the vote in the presidential election earlier this year and thus, Postanjyan cannot ask him any other question because he does not represent the Armenian people.

"You are known to the public as a gambler. And have you lost 70 million euros? Who paid the money you lost for you? If that was not the amount, then what was the amount of your loss in the casino?" she asked.

Sargsyan first said he's "deeply convinced" that he does, in fact, represent the Armenian people and he's proud of it.

"Unfortunately, your candidate was not able to display the kind of qualities one would need in a presidential election to be able to represent the Armenian people. 

"Your statement about a casino is another product of your imagination. I have never been in any casino in Europe. I do not gamble in casinos. Unfortunately, I do not have the means to manage 70 million euros. But if I did, I would donate part of it to you to be happier with your life and for so much evil not to accuulate in you. Consider that I didn't answer you[r question]," he said.