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VIDEO: Journalists, Bystanders Among Those Detained Today

Activists, journalists, and bystanders were detained en masse today by police on duty on Baghramyan Ave., where the presidential palace is located. Within hours, law enforcement officials were picking up people, placing them in cars, and removing them from the area.  Not explaining their actions, police restricted the free movement of not only citizens, but also journalists. 

In particularly, at around 3 pm, police detained and took to the Arabkir district police station Emma Sahakyan, who has been protesting outside the presidential palace for 1.5 years, followed by marchers protesting Armenia's accession to the Russian-led Customs Union and Putin's visit Tigran Poghosyan, Edmon Yeghnukyan, Arman Aleksanyan, Astghik Gyozalyan, Hayk Ararat Yahreyan, Babken Ter-Grigoryan, Vahe Gevorgyan, Karen Harutyunyan, Vrezh Zatikyan, Momik Vardanyan, Ani Sahakyan, Sona Margaryan, and Artak and Herbert Gevorgyan.