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Yerevan City Hall Orders Dismantling Emergency Building’s Gas Pipeline: Resident

Yerevan City Hall delivered yet another surprise to the residents of 15 Shinararneri Street in Yerevan (a building categorized as "level 4 emergency"): this time ordering the dismantling of the building's gas pipeline, building resident Anush Gasparyan informed Epress.am, assuring the press that the "the terrorism will not end there."

Earlier, Yerevan Djur received instructions to block the pipe supplying water to the building. 

"We went to the management, they said they understand our plight, but the deputy director, raising his voice said, 'go sort it out with your city hall, we have nothing to do with this.' We are at the mercy of the electricity, waiting for when they're going to come and cut that too off too and that's it. I've come home and I don't know how to act with my bed-ridden, ill parent, how to care for her? I hope that the municipality will be reasonable and before the electricity is cut will address our problem and we can talk. The municipality is an isolated fortress, where going and talking is simply impossible," she said. 

Earlier, Gasparyan had said that the problem arose when the municipality with apparent violations began to resettle building residents.

"I was given a smaller apartment at 22 Sisakyan [street], meanwhile several residents of the building received apartments with greater square footage. Forging documents, they brought and registered people in our building then resettled them in the newly constructed building on Sisakyan street. Naturally, not agreeing to the smaller apartments, our and another family didn't agree to leave the building. At this moment, there are 3 families living in the building, with one of which we've launched a lawsuit against Yerevan City Hall. As law-abiding citizens of the Republic of Armenia, we and our families have decided to settle the matter through judicial means, and we will demand commensurate distribution," she said. 

According to Gasparyan, even after they began legal proceedings, the municipality did not react; meanwhile, according to her, it could've "proposed an alternative option."