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Public Transportation Fare Increased in Dilijan

The public transportation fare in the Armenian resort town of Dilijan rose from 70 dram to 100 dram. This news was conveyed to local daily Haykakan Zhamanak by Edgar Margaryan, representative of Emin Margaryan LLC, the sole public transportation company servicing the city . 

A week ago, Margaryan purchased 3 Korean Zonda make buses to replace the old, aging buses which leaked when it rained and were no longer in good condition. Margaryan paid $60,000 for the 3 buses, adding that after importing them it became impossible to charge the same fare.

In addition, Margaryan mentioned that his company won the tender held in March under new conditions and the rise in the price of the fare was agreed with Dilijan City Hall. 

Note, shoolchildren and students will get a 50% discount on the fare.