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Any Assistance to Kessab Armenians is Important: Armenian MPs

Members of Armenia's National Assembly Naira Karapetyan, Levon Martirosyan, Edmon Marukyan, Tevan Poghosyan, Arman Sahakyan, and Samvel Farmanyan recently presented the findings of their fact-finding mission to Syria on March 26–27 to the parliamentary speaker, the National Assembly and the Armenian government. 

According to an official statement issued by the Armenian parliament, during their visit, the MPs met the Armenians who were displaced from Kessab in Latakia, Catholicos Aram I, and Armenian colleagues in Lebanon's parliament to discuss the situation of Syrian-Armenians. 

The deputies developed some proposals that after further discussion, "can be implemented through not only state, but also private, public, and national channels."

The group notes that any possible assistance for Kessab Armenians in this tragic situation (political, diplomatic, informational, moral, material, or immaterial) is needed today. Furthermore, the importance of rapid response, they note, is much more significant than the variety of possible political or procedural assumptions and secondary concerns.