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Goris Mayoral Elections: How Degree of Pressure on Citizens Changed

With the mayoral elections in Goris approaching on June 8, there is increasing pressure on the city's inhabitants, one Goris inhabitant on condition of anonymity told Epress.am on June 6. According to him, the distribution of bribes and the amount of pressure on citizens changed after two of the four registered candidates dropped out of the race. 

Prior to the recusal announcements, considered the favorite in the elections was Tigran Karapetyan, who was seen as an "alternative" to Vachagan Adunts, backed by former Syunik regional governor (marzpet) Surik Khachatryan. 

"After Tigran Karapetyan recused himself, the pressure in Goris diminished. First, the pro-government candidate's real opponent dropped out of the game. Second, people became disappointed with the election process in general. Even the question of boycotting the elections was discussed. So there was no need to exercise administrative resources. But candidate Hrayr Yolyan's chances in the last period increased because several times he publicly declared that he has no connection to Surik Khachatryan," said the Goris resident. 

According to him, since Yolyan became to be seen as an alternative to Khachatryan's protégé, pressure again increased: "The pressure increased this week, in the last days, as today is the last day of election campaigning." He said that people were again invited for "talks" in state institutions, schools, kindergartens, and urged not to vote for Yolyan and instead cast their vote for the Republican Party of Armenia candidate Vachagan Adunts.