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Police Break into Armenian Activist Home Without Warrant and Arrest (VIDEO)

On September 25, police broke into activist Vardges Gaspari’s home without a warrant and aggressively took him into custody, told Gaspari to Epress.am.

Note, that at the moment there are nearly 10 citizen and administrative lawsuits against him, as well as one criminal case, which he was taken into custody for.  

Gaspari, noticing police nearing his building’s entrance, called his lawyer Tigran Yegoryan, however, police dragged him and handcuffed him, taking him to the police precinct. Gaspari obtained injuries on his hands and shoulders during the arrest. Vardges Gaspari has posted a video of the break in and arrest on his Facebook page.

The activist presented Epress.am with the background to the criminal case. In 2013, Gaspari’s poster was stolen during a protest in front of the “Pak Shuka”, it was later realized during the case’s investigation, that a supporter of MP Samvel Aleksanyan had taken it. However, as Gaspari notes the administrative proceedings started against him.

During the court session, Judge Ruzanna Hakobyan warned Gaspari from speaking loudly in court.

“I said, that the cases for the March 1 (2008) deaths have not been disclosed, and there has been a sanction against me for basically speaking loudly. The judge motioned to institute a criminal case against me (Criminal code article 343, contempt of court).

Gaspari realized only after the criminal case was instituted that he was charged, however, because the notification was not adequate, he did not go to the Arapkir police department.

“I sent a letter stating that an official notification must be sent to me informing me of what status I’m being called for” – said Gaspari.

Without sending any response, the police broke into Gaspari’s home, taking him into custody, without any warrant to enter.

Video in Armenian only: