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MP and Minister Argued In Parliament About Whose Suit is Cheaper

In 2015, the base pension in Armenia will go up to 16,000 AMD ($38) from 14,000 AMD ($33), and the minimal pension going from 36,000 AMD ($87) to 41,000 AMD ($99), and the minimum consumer basket is already at 56,000 AMD ($134). While quoting the budget’s aforementioned section, Armenian National Congress (HAK) faction MP Nikol Pashinyan directed a question to Minister of Finance Gagik Khachatryan in the National Assembly. Pashinyan asked how the Armenian citizen is going to accept the aforementioned section of the budget when Khachatryan, who since 1996 has only been employed by the state, according to his financial statement, has 6 million dollars.

The HAK MP stressed that Khachatryan speaks of a few thousand dram increase for teacher salaries, while his one suit is more expensive than a few years worth of a teacher’s salary.

The Finance Minister responded saying that his financial statement is officially recognized, while he should leave the issue of suits to the side, because Nikol Pashinyan’s suit is also more expensive than the poor and vulnerable residents of border villages.

The MP suggested to take off his jacket, in order for journalists to see whose suit is more expensive, while Khachatryan stated that he did not wish to undress in front of journalists.