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Protest Against EEU Leads MP to Pass out Pamphlets in Parliament

A decent person can not vote for this outrageous decision, said the Union for National Self-Determination party leader Paruyr Hayrikyan today, while protesting against the Eurasian Economic Union outside the National Assembly.  Hayrikyan and a group of his supporters joined other protesters  who had also gathered yesterday in front of the National Assembly, while membership discussions began. According to him, EEU membership is even more dangerous when taking into consideration the verge of Russia’s economic collapse. Hayrikyan’s supporters had brought a poster, which read “No to Forced “USSR” “Customs” Union.”

A few dozen protesters gathered outside the National Assembly entrance where they called MPs “traitors” and chanted “Free, Independent, Armenia.” Hayrikyan’s supporters also passed out pamphlets, which read “Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan is trying to conspire to turn Armenia into a toy of Russian imperialism by including members of Armenia’s elite representative bodies.”

The party calls on the MPs to vote against EEU membership, they believe; “If months earlier our warnings were incomprehensible or pointless, and seemed to have no basis, today, the ruble’s catastrophic depreciation, the arising overt conflict with Belarus and Kazakhstan,  the auction of Russia’s national properties, the sale of arms to Azerbaijan and supporting the conditions of their aggressive behavior, when it is already incontestable that as a result of that rapprochement an inflation has begun in Armenia, this should be obvious for any rational person that it is an imperative necessity to limit the relations with Putin’s Russia…

… You were warned and with this warning you are deprived from future extenuating circumstances, and there is no doubt that the nation’s traitors will one day face judgement.”

While Hayrikyan was presenting his stance to journalists near the National Assembly entrance, the discussion of the EEU membership began in the National Assembly. Heritage Party MP Zaruhi Postanjyan began passing out pamphlets by Hayrikyan’s party before the deputy Minister of Finance Suren Kareyan began speaking about the contract’s issues.

“Stop your Illegal Activities,” urged National Assembly Speaker Galust Sahakyan toward Postanjyan. Regardless, the MP continued to distribute the pamphlets. When Postanjyan handed a pamphlet to Galust Sahakyan, the latter said, “this here crossed the line, rejoice.”