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Armenian War Veteran Attacked by 4 Masked Men

Today, at around 10am, four masked men attacked and beat veteran and Union of Veterans' board member Suren Sargsyan, writes Azatutyun Radio. Sargsyan is currently at the Erebuni medical center.

The medical center informed Azatutyun that the veteran received a craniocerebral injury, is in stable condition and that his life is not in danger.

In an interview with the radio station Suren Sargsyan said he considered the incident as a way to keep veterans silent and stressed that they are not scared and are not going to give up.

Yesterday, the media reported that two Karabakh war veterans and Union of Veterans' members, Aparan squad commander Razmik Petrosyan and Arabo squad commander Manvel Yeghiazaryan were also beaten.

After the latter incidents the Union released a statement noting that the attack was directed against the union’s activities and intends to silence the veterans, who fight against unlawfulness, through terrorist acts.

Suren Sargsyan told Aravot.am (ARM) that during the attack, the four men asked him “do you even know who Mher of Tokhmakh is that you speak about him?” The veteran, however, thought that the attackers were part of Serzh Sargsyan’s gang, and not Republican Party MP Mher Sedrakyan’s (aka Tokhmakhi Mher) sent men. According to him, the attackers gave those questions in order to distract him. The veteran noted that he was preparing to publish the veterans' statement regarding MP Mher Sedrakyan’s statement about Armenia’s membership into the EEU. Earlier, Sedrakyan had stated that Armenia is used to living under occupation.

Photograph from Araratnews.am