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Judge Against Vardges Gaspari; Lawyer Wants to Know Who the Victim Is

Yesterday examination of the case against activist Vardges Gaspari presented by Judge Ruzanna Hakobyan started at the Shengavit District Court of Universal Jurisdiction.

The Judge demanded that a criminal case be instituted against the activist according to criminal code article 343 (Contemptuous treatment of court). During one of the trial hearings, after the plantiff called police officers criminals, the presiding judge asked Gaspari to be respectful. The activist countered and claimed that Armenian judges like Hakobyan are undignified and it is  because of them that the incidents of March 1st have not yet been disclosed.

The trial hearing was delayed because Gaspari’s representative Tigran Yegoryan had asked the court for time to prepare for the motion against them, which demands that the defendant’s side present who the victim is.

“It is interesting that I repeatedly told the Shengavit court that they are murderers, but Judge Nelli Baghdasaryan didn’t consider it offensive. I haven’t offended, I’ve only said the truth, and presented an accusation,” said Gaspari, while speaking to Epress.am about the case.

According to him, since those judges form a part of the judicial system and the authorities, they become responsible for crimes, murders, and for failing to disclose them.

Contempt in court is punished by a fine of the amount of 200-500 minimum salaries, or correctional labor for 1-2 years, or an arrest for 2-3 months.