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Gyumri Family Murdered; Russian Military Base Soldier Primary Suspect

Today, in the early morning, six members of a Gyumri family were murdered and one wounded. Police Press Service representative Armen Malkhasyan informed Epress.am about the incident without revealing further information.  

The Armenian Investigative Committee Press Spokesperson Sona Truzyan told Epress.am that military boots were found at the scene, which belong to the Gyrumi 102-nd Russian military base soldier Valery Permyakov.

Among the family’s deaths are 54-year old Seryozha Avetisyan (father), 56-year old Hasmik Avetisyan (mother), 34-year old Armen Avetisyan (son), 25-year old Araksya Avetisyan (daughter-in-law), 36-year old Aida Avetisyan (daughter), 2-year Hasmik Avetisyan (2-year old child). The family’s seventh member, 6-8 month old Seryozha Avetisyan, was taken to the hospital.

The hospital’s director Ashot Kurghinyan told News.am that the infant was brought to the hospital in critical condition and had cuts and stabs on his chest.

According to reports by Journalists’ Club Asparez Council President Levon Barseghyan, a female neighbor of the family said that she heard an explosion and shots around 6:20 AM. Barseghyan reports that the bodies were discovered by Hasmik Avetisyan’s sister. Except for Hasmik Avetisyan, all family members were shot in their beds.

The Asparez President also noted that 102 Russian military base commander Andrey Ruzinski visited the crime scene. Police have been looking for the the suspect, Permyakov, who has presumably been on the run since the incident.

President Serzh Sargsyan visited Gyumri and convened an urgent meeting with law enforcement heads. According to the President’s press office, the Russian military is cooperating with law enforcement and showing support in the case’s investigation.

Photo from Levon Barseghyan’s Facebook page