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Vardges Gaspari Continues Hayk Kyureghyan’s Protest in Court

Today, the court hearing of the adherent of political prisoners Shant Harutyunyan and his friends Hayk Kyureghyan (pictured left) convened at the Kentron and Nork Marash Districts Universal Court without his presence.  On December 17, Kyureghyan was removed from the courtroom for 10 court hours because of “his lack of respect toward the court” – the defendant refused to rise for the judge.

While Kyureghyan was absent from the court, political activist Vardges Gaspari (pictured right) carried on Kyuregyan's protest by also not rising when the court arrived. “You are not a judge, you are a minion of the ruling authorities. The European Court has found 48 out of 51 of your verdicts illegal. You should be ashamed of that,” said Gaspari to Judge Armen Bektashyan.

The judge removed Gaspari from the courtroom, who responded by laying down in the court hallway in protest.

Public defender Angela Hebosyan represented Kyureghyan in the court. Initially, Kyureghyan had refused help for his defense, however, the court found Hebosyan’s presence vital due to the defendant’s absence.

Hebosyan motioned that Kyureghyan arrive at the court and express his compliance to the defender. However, Bektashyan stated that Kyureghyan’s presence is not mandatory. He postponed the hearing, in order for the public defender to meet with Hayk Kyureghyan and conclude the issue of his compliance.