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Karabakh is the Last Source of Serzh Sargsyan’s Nonexistent Legitimacy: Discussion on Lachin Attack

The attack on members of the Founding Parliament movement on the NKR border was the result of a direct command, said NKR National Assembly MP Vahan Badasyan about the incident during a discussion.

“Let’s assume, they are adventurers, suppose they are criminals. You said turn back. They turned back. Why are you smashing (the cars)?

[They say] that it was immoral to not listen to the President. We’re speaking about morality here, but no one speaks about the law, of the constitution, which was violated. Our society’s most criminal group is responsible here. They’re thinking of how to cover it up. Only the resignation of the president [NKR president Bako Sahakyan[ would solve [the issue], only that would put things in order,” said the MP.

He stated that the incident destroyed Artsakh’s (Karabakh) domestic security, national dignity, and statehood by exactly those people who represent the state.

Political analyst Tigran Grigoryan (pictured) believed that the incident proved that state institutions, including the media, do not function in Artsakh.

“For Serzh Sargsyan Artsakh is a power center, it is the last source of his nonexistent legitimacy, basically his authority also influences the authorities in Artaskh. What’s the purpose [of the incident in Lachin (Berdzor)]? Of course, it’s possible to call it vandalism, but a more correct term is terrorism. The whole objective was to terrorise,” said Grigoryan.

According to him, there is a silent consensus within Armenia’s internal political life that Nagorno-Karabakh is not associated with internal affairs. He noted that Armenia’s opposition speaks of Armenia’s criminal regime, but they come to Artsakh and “fraternize” with Bako Sahakyan. According to the analyst, that is an unacceptable approach.

“Who knew about Bako Sahakyan until 2007? He was not a political figure. He held positions in the defense sector. Bako Sahakyan is that man who in a very obedient manner implements Serzh Sargsyan’s commands,” said Tigran Grigoryan.

National Radio and Television station, a private news station, (which was banned from opening last December) founder Varujan Gabrielyan stressed that Nagorno-Karabakh’s society has once again found itself in a hostage situation, because somehow everyone has participated in that incident. In Gabrielyan’s words, while one group is constrained, another group doesn’t have a podium to express themselves from. “The finale has to be on the legal field. Society has to participate in all that. Society has to be held responsible for their deeds: some for what they’ve done, others for their silence,” said Gabrielyan.

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