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NKR Defense Army Officer Killed By a Fellow Soldier

At approximately 7:55 PM on February 10, 24-year old officer Tigran Simonyan died from a bullet wound in one of the Nagorno-Karabakh Defense Army’s northern military bases, reported the NKR Ministry of Defense without any further details.   

According to Armtimes.com, Simonyan died from a fellow's shooting. Both the victim and the shooter were senior lieutenants by rank. The shooter's name is not mentioned. The site stated that Simonyan was a Vanadzor resident. 

The Investigative Committee released a statement which notes that Simonyan was killed from a shot as a result of a violation of military patrol rules. The individual’s name responsible for the violation was not revealed. A criminal case was initiated based on article 365 of the RA Criminal Code, “violation of combat duty regulations as a result of negligence or bad faith that caused grave consequences.”