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Yezidi Community Representatives Meet With NA Deputy Speaker: Genocide Issue Still in Limbo – Interview (VIDEO)

Representatives of the Yezidi community of Armenia are prepared to continue protests if the National Assembly does not include the issue of the Yezidi genocide in the Ottoman Empire in a draft statement presented by NA deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov or write a separate draft on the Yezidi genocide. Sinjar Yezidi National Union President Boris Murazi declared the latter ultimatum during an interview with Epress.am.

Last year, Heritage Party MP Zaruhi Postanjyan authored a draft statement condemning the genocide of ethnic-religious minorities in the Ottoman Empire, including the genocide of Yezidis, however this year a Republican Party draft was presented to the National Assembly, excluding the Yezidi genocide. Note, that representatives of the Yezidi community have already protested in front of the National Assembly earlier this week.

Murazi stressed that he had met with the NA deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov earlier today, where he had proposed that they assist the draft’s authors. Turning to NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan's statement regarding the authors of the draft not having enough documents to consider what happened to the Yezidis in the Ottoman Empire a Genocide, Boris Murazi noted that they would present relevant archival documents. According to the community representative, the issue of the current Yezidi Genocide in Iraq was not raised in the NA either, despite the fact of there being multiple facts, testimonies, as well as statements by Armenian officials, including the President.

During the meeting with Eduard Sharmazanov, the latter stated that in addition to the draft presented in the NA, which relates to the Assyrian (Seyfo) and Greek genocides in the Ottoman Empire, a separate draft related to the Yezidi Genocide has long been discussed and is being worked on, however its authors have not yet decided whether to call the violence against the Yezidis in the Ottoman Empire a genocide or massacre. Murazi noted that they are willing to work with the NA’s representatives, however “if they give us an empty promise” and the draft does not pass, then protests will be organized in order to defend the Yezidi community’s rights.

The Sinjar representative said that the current issue, like many other issues in Armenia, would be left to oblivion and not be discussed if they did not protest the decision.

Video in Armenian only.