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Avetisyan Relatives Demand to Add to Permyakov’s Accusation

The representatives of Andranik Poghosyan, father of Araks Avetisyan killed on January 12 in Gyumri, Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Vanadzor office director Artur Sakunts and human rights defender of the same office Arayik Zalyan, have applied to the Investigative Committee make additions to the charges against the murder suspect, Russian soldier Valery Permyakov, said Zalyan in an interview with Epress.am.

The petitioners noted that not charging Valery Permyakov with illegally attempting to cross the Armenian state border demonstrates inaction by RA law enforcement.

“On January 13, 2015 at around 12:15 AM, the Russian Federation’s border guards soldiers, at the official Armenian-Turkish state border, arrested an unknown person for attempting to illegally cross the state border, who was later known to be Valery Permyakov. In any incident of an illegal border crossing the representatives of Russia’s border guards are responsible to implement the actions under the article 5 of the September 30, 1992 agreement “On the status of Russian border troops installed on the territory of the Republic of Armenia and the conditions of their operations,” which rules out the possibility of the representatives of the Russian Federation border troops to conduct investigations unilaterally and defines cooperation in investigations and urgent action with the RA National Security Service and law enforcement, according to the Armenian criminal and judicial codes.

On January 13, at approximately 12:15AM, Russian border guards did not pass an information the National Security Service (NSS) and law enforcement about a person illegally attempting to cross the Armenian-Turkish border, while the NSS and law enforcement did not demand the information either. Valery Permyakov’s action, the illegal attempt of crossing of the RA State border consists of article 329 of the RA Criminal Code as a premeditated act of illegally crossing the state border,” said the petition.