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“I Have Always Been Against Maidans”; Gagik Tsarukyan Leaves Politics

The leader of the Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK), Gagik Tsarukyan, during a session of BHK today, March 5th, announced that he has decided to leave active politics and resign as the leader of the party. Tsarukyan suggested that BHK Parliamentary faction secretary Naira Zohrabyan replace him as the party leader. 

“Today, the moment has come when I’ve decided to leave active politics, resigning as the party’s president and the leader of the parliamentary faction. This has not been an easy decision and it is a result of long consideration. This is my personal decision and I expect you to approach it with understanding.

I want to stress one thing, in all the years I have been involved in politics, I have never pursued personal gains. I have not taken advantage of the people’s support for personal reasons. I have not used the people’s trust for positions and for other interests. I have not sealed deals behind the backs of my team or people. During all these years, I have pursued a clear humane goal, to see a smile in the eyes of my people, and not tears.

I want to be even more frank. I have tried to find solutions and fight for our people’s tormenting issues through all possible political avenues. But I have always been against Maidans [violent mass protests] and once again, I am being genuine.

I am retiring from active politics. I am no longer the party’s president. But I am going to continue being helpful to my country and people. I will do that in other sectors, and spheres. I will continue to build churches, schools, sports stadiums, help artists and scientists in my country. But I will do that as an Armenian, as an Armenian citizen, as Gagik Tsarukyan.

I ask you all to not approach me with political questions; I will not be involved in any of your decisions. I no longer have any connection to BHK. In a short while you will elect a new leader, new executive bodies, and henceforth the party’s destiny is in your hands. This is my final decision.”

Gagik Tsarukyan went on to propose that Naira Zohrabyan be chosen as the new leader of the party. Zohrabyan was confirmed in the position after a voting took place.

Recall that in mid-February President Serzh Sargsyan and BHK President Gagik Tsarukyan began a short lived conflict. After Sargsyan’s criticism Tsarukyan stated that he would be fighting for regime change, however a few days later a large rally was cancelled after Tsarukyan and Sargsyan met in private. Tsarukyan stated that political issues should be resolved through "peaceful paths.”