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Arrested Armenian Oppositionist Stops Hunger Strike

Gevorg Safaryan, member of opposition initiative “Founding Parliament” arrested on April 7, stopped his 13-day-long hunger strike yesterday evening and was transferred to another prison cell, said an official statement issued by “Founding Parliament" on Wednesday, April 29.

The conditions in the new cell are more favorable for people with strongly pronounced political views and beliefs than in the previous one, where the number of prisoners was almost twice the number of bunks, the initiative reported.

“Currently, Gevorg Safaryan is alone in the cell; his medical state is satisfactory, he has already started to take food. It is notable, that these developments were made possible by the efforts of our attorneys and members of the Group of public observers conducting public monitoring of penitentiary institutions. From now on, the attorneys and the monitoring group will monitor the conditions of detention of Safaryan, as well as other political prisoners,” the statement read.

Recall, five members of “Founding Parliament” – Jirayr Sefilian, Garegin Chugaszyan, Pavel Manukyan, Gevorg Safaryan, and Varuzhan Avetisyan – were detained on April 7, and charged with organization of mass disorder (RA Criminal Code Article 225 Section 1) on April 9. They were sentenced to a two-month imprisonment.

Aram Hakobyan, sixth member of “Founding Parliament," was charged with illegal procurement, transportation or carrying of weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices, and was released on bail.

Three of the arrested oppositionists – Sefilian, Avetisyan and Manukyan – were transferred to Vardashen penitentiary, while Chugaszyan and Safaryan –  to Nubarashen penitentiary.