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In Last 8 Years Armenian Government Received $450 Million from EU and USA

Based on state budget reports for the last eight years, between 2007 and 2014, the Armenian Government received grants in the amount of nearly $542 million from foreign states and organizations, “Union of Informed Citizens” said in a statement issued on Monday, August 31.

The highest amount of grants was received in 2011, which is related to the sharp increase in funding through EU projects and the “Millennium Challenge” program of the United States. In 2011, the European Union provided grants of unprecedented scale – more than 57 million USD, only within the framework of "Macro-Financial Assistance" and "General Budget Support" programs.

Overall, most of the grants received during the last 8 years, equal to about 51% of the total amount, came from the European Union, EU countries or European banks and organizations. More than 32% were provided by the United States of America, followed by the “Linsy” Foundation – about 10%, and the World Bank – 4.6%. 


However, according to the NGO, the amount of EU support has increased significantly in the last several years since the “Linsy” Foundation stopped operating in Armenia in 2011, and “Millennium Challenge” Program – in 2012. The Government of Japan has also stopped providing grants to Armenia since 2012. 

As a result, in 2012-2014, 110 out of 120 million USD (around 91%) were provided by the European Union and European organizations.


“Hence, RA Government’s main donors are the EU and the USA as they allocated more than 450 million USD in 8 years. It forms more than 83% of the total amount of grants received by the RA Government. If we take into account the fact that World Bank grants are also allocated from the funds provided by the USA and the EU, we will have an even more accurate picture. 

“However strange it may sound, there is no mentioning of grants provided by the Russian Federation in the state budget reports. This fact comes to testify that the gratuitous aid provided by our “strategic ally” is insignificant, to say the least,” the Union concluded.