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Women’s Rights Activists Hold Action in Yerevan to Mark National Day to Combat Domestic Violence (Photo)

Thirty women were killed in Armenia through domestic violence in the past five years, 8 of them – in 2015, resulting in 45 children being left without a mother. According to the records of Armenian women's rights organizations, the number of domestic violence incidents reaches 2000 each year: 5171 people called the organizations' hotline in the 2013-2015 period. According to official Police data, the number of domestic violence cases registered in the first half of 2015 reached 447.

Since 2010, “Coalition to Stop Violence against Women” NGO has been marking October 1 as National Day to Combat Domestic Violence: on this day five years ago twenty-year-old Zaruhi Petrosyan died as a result of severe beatings by her husband.

The Coalition members held a protest action Thursday afternoon at Yerevan's Republic Square, in front of the RA Government building, demanding that authorities pass a law on domestic violence.

Meanwhile, in another part of the Square, the activists displayed the shoes of domestic violence victims from various cities and villages of Armenia with accompanying texts.

"My husband told me he'd keep me locked up at home until I turned into a mummy." Varduhi, 29, Yerevan


"Beating another person is shameful; it's a sign of weakness."


"My husband used to say 'I can do whatever I want to you. You've no one to turn to, nowhere to go'." Anna, 33, Gegharkunik province


"Maybe it's my fault my life turned so miserable." Marina, 24, Yerevan


"He took out a knife in front of my child and said he'd slaughter me." Ani, 37, Kotayk province

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"No one understands me; they say I have to tolerate. I'm all alone." Hermine, 31, Yerevan


"During the first three years of my married life my mother-in-law would not let me leave the house without her." Lusine, 38, Kotayk province


"My dad got angry and turned over the table. I was very scared…" Narine, 12, Armavir province


"My husband threw me to the ground and started kicking me." Anzhela, 42, Yerevan


"I was crying because my father was beating my mother." Yervand, 6, Yerevan


"My father-in-law made a sexual proposal and said no one would find out if I obeyed him." Syuzanna, 38, Yerevan


"Don't be indifferent toward violence. Your silence could be worth a life."