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Syrian-Armenian Student Attacked by Group of Schoolmates (Video)

A Syrian-Armenian student was subjected to a violent gang attack at Yerevan's Alexander Pushkin Basic School No.8, local Hraparak.am reports, presenting what seems to be surveillance footage of the incident. 

“The sadistic act was organized by an eighth grader whose name we'll not disclose. This young boy has already become a bearer of semi-criminal beliefs and, according to available information, it's not the first time S. has provoked such fights; however, he's never been punished for it. We've been informed that the Syrian-Armenian student was on duty during recess that day and gave S. a reprimand for turning the lights on and off. 'Who are you to reprimand me,' the boy replied and gathered other students against the kid. […] A source has told us that the school administration is doing everything to cover up the story,” Hraparak.am writes.

Speaking to the outlet's reporter, school headmaster Natalya Stepanyan claimed she was “unaware of the incident.” “A Syrian-Armenian? I don't know, I've no idea.”

To the journalist's question as to whether such fights could go unnoticed in her school, the headmaster replied by saying: “You know what, disputes among boys happen in every school. But for a Syrian-Armenian child to have been beaten in our school? I have no idea.”

Stepanyan was also unable to recall the organizer: “There are 1800 students in our school, and we probably have several 'S's in 8th grade. I can't just claim there is an 'S' and that the incident has happened. If you specify the issue, […] give me a concrete name and a class, I might be able to give you answers. […] If you have a video material, show it to me so I can see what has happened.”

Hraparak.am, instead, decided to make the footage available to the public: “The headmaster can watch and 'see what happened'.”