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Parliament Deputy Speaker Criticized for ‘False Promises’ to Yazidis in Armenia

In a public statement issued earlier today, Sinjar Yazidi National Union President Boris Murazi criticized Armenian National Assembly Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov for failure to fulfill his months-old promise to create a parliamentary working group to look into the “genocide of Yazidis committed in the Ottoman Empire in 1915-1923.” 

After the Armenian parliament adopted a resolution in March, 2015, formally recognizing the mass killings of Assyrians and Greeks in the Ottoman Empire as genocide, representatives of Armenia's Yazidi community, who were deeply dissatisfied with the omission of Yazidis' killings from the document, began a series of protests demanding recognition of the Yazidi genocide.

Sharmazanov, as stated by Murazi, had said a separate draft resolution would be presented at the National Assembly if necessary facts were collected. In addition, “the parliament was to hold a photo exhibition dedicated to the Yazidis of Iraq.”

“2015 is coming to an end, and the promises of the NA Deputy Speaker have not been fulfilled. It's regrettable that [Sharmazanov] forgets his promises, and even more so given that these promises were made on behalf of the Armenian president. This way Sharmazanov is discrediting state institutions and politicians,” Murazi, who labeled Sharmazanov's statements as false promises, wrote.

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