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Armenian Farmer Brings Priests to Pray for Rich Harvest

Armenpress state news agency reports that Levon Nadaryan, a resident of the town of Surenavan in Armenia's Ararat Province, does not irrigate his apricot orchards and vineyards, nor does he smoke trees to prevent frost damage. Nadaryan believes he can rely on the power of prayer and blessings, as well as on his faith to protect his orchards.

On March 17, Father Yeprem Harutyunyan, a priest of the St. Mary Church of Dalar, and the spiritual pastor of Ararat village, Father Davit Sahakyan, performed a spiritual ritual at the farmer's orchards and lit incense to convey God's blessings “to the trees, sprouts, and seeds” and pray for a rich harvest.

Speaking to Armenpress, Nadaryan said he has been inviting the priests to bless his fruit trees for six years now, and, every year, "with Lord's blessings," 2 hectares of land have provided him with 25-30 tons of apricot harvest, while neighboring orchards “get no harvest at all.”

Father Yeprem Harutyunyan, in turn, spoke in praise of the Nadaryans' and said that the family “manages to build and maintain wealth thanks to their indestructible faith.”